About us

The Student Movement for the International Organization (M.S.O.I.) is an association created and operated by students, with the purpose of promoting the widespread of international culture as well as endorsing its contents and aims.

Born in 1947, M.S.O.I. represents the youth and university section of the Italian Society for the International Organization (S.I.O.I.), formed by professors and experts with the aim of supporting the diplomatic training education and the research on international law and organization. M.S.O.I. is also the Italian member of the World Forum of United Nations Associations Youth (WFUNA YOUTH), the authority which represents and coordinates all the youth movements for the United Nations acting all over the world.

M.S.O.I. is therefore the hub for the connection of students coming from each part of Italy sharing the interest for the international relations and cooperation. The Movement is spread across Italy through its local divisions in Cosenza, Gorizia, Milano, Napoli, Roma and Torino.

Every year M.S.O.I. Torino organizes conferences, round tables, seminars and study tours which all constitute the Movement annual programme offered to the members in order to stimulate the discussion and the exchange of ideas regarding the most debated issues of international law and politics.

Therefore, M.S.O.I. Torino constitutes not only a unique opportunity to join a wide network of experts, teachers and students but also an extraordinary experience for sharing interests and passions as well as an important stage for the international experts and operators of the future.